Ravager Shops

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Creatures (27)

2Hangarback Walkerxx19.50
4Walking Ballistaxx68.28
4Arcbound Ravager2191.80
4Phyrexian Revoker25.36
4Steel Overseer268.60
2Chief of the Foundry30.40
4Foundry Inspector33.60
1Lodestone Golem40.81
2Phyrexian Metamorph3up16.80

Artifacts (15)

1Black Lotus06,737.50
1Chalice of the Voidxx43.51
1Mana Crypt0132.00
1Mox Emerald02,350.00
1Mox Jet02,625.00
1Mox Pearl02,124.98
1Mox Ruby01,999.96
1Mox Sapphire01,997.00
1Sol Ring13.27
4Sphere of Resistance284.84
1Thorn of Amethyst219.94

Lands (18)

4Ancient Tomb109.96
4Mishra’s Factory1.48
4Mishra’s Workshop8,398.00
1Strip Mine17.43
1Tolarian Academy57.07

Sideboard (15)

2Hangarback Walkerxx19.50
2Tormod’s Crypt00.64
3Grafdigger’s Cage116.17
4Null Rod2143.84
1Skysovereign, Consul Flagship50.81
2Wurmcoil Engine640.98

75 Cards Total