Eldrazi and taxes

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Creatures (27)

2Containment Priest1w44.00
3Phyrexian Revoker24.02
4Thalia, Guardian of Thraben1w40.04
3Eldrazi Displacer2w7.20
3Thalia, Heretic Cathar2w6.12
4Thought-Knot Seer3c27.84
4Reality Smasher4c10.48

Artifacts (11)

1Black Lotus06,737.50
1Chalice of the Voidxx43.51
1Mana Crypt0132.00
1Mox Emerald02,350.00
1Mox Jet02,625.00
1Mox Pearl02,124.98
1Mox Ruby01,999.96
1Mox Sapphire01,997.00
1Sol Ring13.27
1Null Rod235.96
1Thorn of Amethyst219.94

Lands (22)

4Ancient Tomb109.96
4Cavern of Souls223.92
4Eldrazi Temple31.68
1Strip Mine17.43

Sideboard (15)

2Grafdigger’s Cage110.78
2Path to Exilew15.70
2Swords to Plowsharesw1.94
1Containment Priest1w22.00
3Kataki, War’s Wage1w14.91
1Null Rod235.96
2Rest in Peace1w12.58
1Stony Silence1w7.56
1Summoning Trap4gg0.48

75 Cards Total