Hardened scale

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Creatures (20)

4Hangarback Walkerxx41.28
4Walking Ballistaxx71.96
4Arcbound Worker10.84
4Arcbound Ravager2191.80
4Steel Overseer269.44

Spells (4)

4Ancient Stirringsg9.68

Artifacts (11)

4Mox Opal0403.72
3Welding Jar05.37
2Animation Module11.38
2Throne of Geth27.32

Enchantments (5)

4Hardened Scalesg21.20
1Evolutionary Leap1g0.88

Lands (20)

2Blinkmoth Nexus12.92
4Darksteel Citadel1.92
2Horizon Canopy119.98
4Inkmoth Nexus74.20
1Phyrexia’s Core0.15

Sideboard (15)

1Tormod’s Crypt00.33
1Grafdigger’s Cage15.44
4Nature’s Claimg0.92
1Relic of Progenitus14.36
1Surgical Extractionbp25.64
3Damping Sphere24.26
2Karn, Scion of Urza454.42

75 Cards Total