Grixis whir

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Spells (4)

4Whir of Inventionxuuu10.84

Artifacts (34)

3Chalice of the Voidxx134.97
4Engineered Explosivesx341.52
4Mishra’s Bauble016.60
4Mox Opal0403.72
1Tormod’s Crypt00.33
4Welding Jar07.16
1Expedition Map13.49
1Grafdigger’s Cage15.44
1Pyrite Spellbomb10.16
1Damping Sphere21.42
3Sorcerous Spyglass211.97
1Crucible of Worlds315.79
4Ensnaring Bridge3176.44
1Bottled Cloister40.85
1Witchbane Orb41.02

Lands (22)

1Academy Ruins24.50
2Flooded Strand36.00
1Ghost Quarter1.89
1Inventors’ Fair3.40
1Ipnu Rivulet0.25
1Misty Rainforest47.00
1Polluted Delta18.75
2Scalding Tarn149.00
1Steam Vents10.02
1Tectonic Edge1.62
4Tolaria West34.32
1Watery Grave9.59

Sideboard (15)

1Chalice of the Voidxx44.99
1Phyrexian Revoker21.33
1Torpor Orb23.56
2Ghirapur Aether Grid2r0.50
2Sai, Master Thopterist2u5.98
1Ghirapur Orrery40.39
1Padeem, Consul of Innovation3u0.52
2Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas2ub39.52

75 Cards Total