Ad nauseam

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Creatures (5)

1Laboratory Maniac2u8.90
4Simian Spirit Guide2r10.56

Spells (25)

3Pact of Negation029.97
4Angel’s Gracew25.28
4Serum Visionsu12.00
4Sleight of Handu16.40
2Spoils of the Vaultb5.30
1Desperate Ritual1r2.75
1Lightning Storm1rr1.32
4Ad Nauseam3bb35.56

Artifacts (7)

4Lotus Bloom30.48
3Pentad Prism20.93

Enchantments (3)

3Phyrexian Unlife2w11.97

Lands (20)

3City of Brass21.57
3Darkslick Shores35.97
2Gemstone Mine15.98
1Nephalia Academy0.25
3Seachrome Coast47.85
3Temple of Deceit8.46
3Temple of Enlightenment9.99

Sideboard (15)

1Slaughter Pact03.79
2Fatal Pushb9.50
1Echoing Truth1u0.59
3Bontu’s Last Reckoning1bb5.79
1Phyrexian Unlife2w3.99
4Leyline of Sanctity2ww103.40
1Grave Titan4bb12.40

75 Cards Total