Amulet titan

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Creatures (14)

1Walking Ballistaxx17.99
4Sakura-Tribe Scoutg8.08
4Azusa, Lost but Seeking2g75.96
4Primeval Titan4gg31.88
1Zacama, Primal Calamity6rgw10.00

Spells (13)

1Pact of Negation09.99
4Summoner’s Pact024.00
4Ancient Stirringsg9.68

Artifacts (5)

1Engineered Explosivesx85.38
4Amulet of Vigor177.28

Lands (28)

1Bojuka Bog1.68
1Boros Garrison0.26
1Cavern of Souls78.63
4Gemstone Mine31.96
1Ghost Quarter1.89
3Gruul Turf0.75
1Khalni Garden0.16
1Mortuary Mire0.19
1Radiant Fountain0.21
1Selesnya Sanctuary0.25
4Simic Growth Chamber1.28
1Slayers’ Stronghold0.78
1Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion1.15
3Tolaria West25.74

Sideboard (15)

1Cavern of Souls78.63
1Engineered Explosivesx85.38
1Relic of Progenitus14.36
2Kozilek’s Return2r5.78
2Reclamation Sage2g0.66
1Tireless Tracker2g9.53
2Obstinate Baloth2gg3.00
1Carnage Tyrant4gg24.75
1Ruric Thar, the Unbowed4rg0.49
1Hornet Queen4ggg2.17

75 Cards Total